Tuesday, 1 December 2009

12 DAYS OF T BAR | Wednesday 9th - Sunday 20th December

Wednesday 9th - Sunday 20th December

A Bright New Beginning for T BAR - New Entrance Fees

T BAR, 18-22 Houndsditch, EC3A 7LP

For Christmas this year, T BAR are giving all their loyal supporters that have helped them settle in and feel at home in their new location of Houndsditch, 12 carefully selected, beautifully packaged, fun-filled festive gifts. These are of course, the return of 12 Days of T BAR. This will be the final round of parties that T BAR maintains its free entry policy. Commencing from New Year 2010 T BAR will begin to charge after 11pm on weekend nights Friday and Saturday.

Wrong Meeting kicks off the Christmas run in style with British techno legend Andrew Weatherall and the man who stands at the crossroads between glamorous Parisian hype and musical integrity, Ivan Smagghe. If anyone thought this would be an impossible act to follow, the Freak n Chic crew bring to the table Dan Ghenacia with his his distinctive intelligent-techno-meets-deep-house sound and Varoslav, the DJ/producer whizzkid who's worked with the A to Z of young French electronic talent. Baise Main have been getting pretty comfortable in the T BAR surroundings hosting some memorable nights over the last few months and will be celebrating Danton Eeprom's debut album release with Clement Meyer, who is today regarded as one of the best newcomers of the Parisian scene.

Phonica will be bringing the family down to celebrate their 6th Birthday with two rooms of festive fun, including Lauhaus, David Labeij (live) and Phonica All Stars, followed by Shoplifter who are set to throw one hell of a Christmassy cosmic party with Craig Richards and Jamie Jones and a special unannounced guest. For the first time T BAR will be staging a film night, just enough down time before Gay Bingo will be calling a full house with a No Holes Barred XMAS Special. German label Kompakt will be joined by Jennifer Cardini and Melon before Thursday 17th sees the second installment of T Bar's new night, TB/SS, welcoming very special guests MJ Cole and Blakey. High Horse are saddling up and bringing festive gifts in the way of Panorama Bar's Steffi and Tamo Sumo. Konrad Black will be debuting at the new T BAR with his own A Night With... revealing his signature mix of dirty bass threads with atmospheric sounds. Creator of 2020 Soundsystem, deemed as one of the best electronic labels in the world Ralph Lawson will also be treating us to his trademark 2020sound. Finishing off this music marathon are Kubicle with US friends and beloved new residents, Wolf + Lamb, making it a night to remember for those still standing.

This year's 12 days.. truly presents some of the finest gourmet music from around the world and T BAR exercises its free door policy for the last time. So at a time when it's all about giving, we can all enjoy guilt-free partying at East London's best-loved space.


Following the 12 Days of T BAR the venue will move to a paying door policy for the first time. Much has changed since the T BAR began, London has evolved and so must T BAR to stay at the top of the game. Thursdays and Sundays will continue to remain free but Friday and Saturdays will charge a nominal fee after 11pm to enable bigger artist bookings and investment in better surroundings. T BAR will begin to stay open later, giving more in return to our friends and extended family. Not the end but a bright new beginning, this step welcomes new opportunities for T BAR and its valued followers.
Wednesday December 9th
Wrong Meeting
Andrew Weatherall & Ivan Smagghe
10pm - 4am

Thursday December 10th
Freak n Chic
Dan Ghenacia
Special Guest
10pm - 4am

Friday December 11th
Baise Main
Yes Is More LP Release
Danton Eeprom
Clement Meyer
10pm - 4am

Saturday December 12th
Phonica 6th Birthday (2 rooms)
David Labeij
Phonica Allstars
Hector / Anthea / Simon Rigg / Ben Skull Juice / The Vangelis / Raimo / Sam Relleen
10pm - 6am

Sunday December 13th
Craig Richards
Jamie Jones
Derren Smart
& Special Guest
8pm - 3am

Monday December 14th
T BAR goes to the Movies
[Film Night]
9pm - 2am

Tuesday December 15th
Full House
Gay Bingo - No Holes Barred XMAS Special
Mrs Claus, Jonny Woo, Ma Butcher, John Sizzle
8pm - 2am

Wednesday December 16th
Jennifer Cardini & Melon
10pm - 4am

Thursday December 17th
MJ Cole
10pm - 4am

Friday December 18th
High Horse
Steffi & Tama Sumo [Panorama Bar]
10pm - 4am

Saturday December 19th
A Night With...2020 Soundsystem
Ralph Lawson
10pm - 4am

Wolf & Lamb
Clive Henry
FB Julian
Toni D
Derren Smart [disco set]
8pm - 3am