Monday, 26 April 2010

April 30th: SWAG + PEOPLE'S POPULAR FRONT Present...



Bill Brewster is a music journalist, DJ, promoter and bon viveur.

Along with his partner Frank Broughton, Bill runs Low Life, the legendary underground warehouse party now in its 15th year.

Bill and Frank have also written three books, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, How To DJ (Properly) (or How To DJ (Right) if you're a funny foreigner) and a third one he doesn't like to talk about.

He DJs all over the UK and Europe, with occasional forays into the USA and Lapland...

The Blank Generation Radio Mix by billbrewster


"I’m 37, male, and live in Sheffield in the north of England (once famous for Steel and Electronic Pop). I now play other people’s records for a living, and make a few of my own. Once upon a time I studied English, with a view to becoming a teacher. I also studied – at great length – LSD, music and the art of the compilation tape (not necessarily at the same time). Eventually, music and LSD convinced me teaching was for elderly men, with beards, and an unusual passion for corduroy."


SUNDAY LUNCH@B&B VOL2 by Chris Duckenfield


Welcome To The Pleasuredome ( Timo Garcia & Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero

Robert Owens - 'Bring Down The Walls' ( Leo Zero Re-Edit ) by Leo Zero

And this just in from Leo Zero HQ... Hit the ↓ for direct download:

One Way feat. Al Hudson - 'Music' ( Leo Zero Re-edit ) by Leo Zero

What a gent.


Riotous Rockers formed after a chance meeting on the dance floor of Fabric Room One in the summer of 2003. Unbeknown to Pete and Boggy they would both meet again in their home town of Nottingham a few months later to discover they shared a mutual love of all things Electro, Pop, Disco, and Rave.

The DJ partnership was truly formed when they were given the chance to play at Nottingham's most hedonistic night, Liars Club.

Mixing up as many styles as they could lay their hands on, they complimented promoter Ricky Haleys inspired bookings (which over the years has seen the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Scissors Sisters, Bloc Party and The Klaxons play long before they became household names).

Riotous Rockers soon became a regular fixture at the club.

Word of these explosive DJ sets travelled fast, and the Rockers found regular guest slots at the cream of U.K club land, playing regularly for people like: Bugged Out, Fabric, Stealth, Together, Chibuku & Wax:On.

Work took the pair further a field, throughout Europe and beyond, playing in; Ibiza, New York, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.

T B/R welcomes the Rockers, who play upstairs on the 30th.

Riotous Rockers April 2010 mix by riotousrockers

1.Baby (Rodion Remix) - Phenomenal Handclap Band (Gomma)
2.Persian Rub - Psychemagick (History Clock)
3.Sat Jam (Eddie C Remix) - Sean Brosnan (NeedWant)
4.Long Gone (Prins Thomas Edit) - D.I.T (Past Due)
5.Overture (B.C Edit) - DC la Rue (White)
6.Say my Name - Holy GHost (Kitsune)
7.Esta Si Esta No -(Inflagranti Instrumental Remix) - The Glimmers (Diskomo)
8.Highway 1 - Toby Tobias (Under the Shade / Jisco Music)
9.Samasavel (Alden Tyrrell remix) - Putsch 79 (Clone)
10.Feels So Good - Juan Maclean (K7)
11.More Fun - Snuff Crew (Gigolo)
12.Motorcycles (Neville Watson Remix) - Tiago (Hands of time)
13.Feel (Dub) - Mike Monday (Get Digital)
14.Freak on - Lee Curtiss (Get Physical)
15.Winter Count - Ettiem (I'm a cliche)
16.Overtime (Brodinski Remix) - Tiga (Turbo)
17.Symphonia (Claude Von Stroke Remix) - James Braun
18.Biscayne - Shadow Dancer (BNR)
19.Buffer Ruffer - Bookashade (Get Physical)
20.Lemonade (Deadstock 33 remix) - Erol Alkan and Boys Noize (CDR)
21.Earth Quake - Hard Ton (Permanent Vacation)


Saturday, 24 April 2010



2020Soundsystem was started as a new way of playing mixing live instruments with electronics by Ralph Lawson, original DJ at the legendary Back To Basics club in Leeds, and Danny 'dubble d' Ward.

Tired of a jaded club scene they sought a different way to entertain and excite. By weaving live instruments into Lawsons DJ set, they transformed the clubbing experience into something new by giving the best of both worlds: the continuity and diversity of a DJ mix with the raw energy and excitement of seeing a live band.


Manchester’s Danny Ward loves drums. It’s more of an obsession really. He can talk for hours about legendary jazz drummers like Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones, and Billy Higgins, even though he has never seen any of them play live.

In the early 90s when every club kid pined to be a DJ, Ward played percussion at club nights such as Back To Basics in Leeds, where he showed that live drums from creative hands could actually improve a DJ’s groove.

It was in Leeds that he first met DJ Ralph Lawson, who released two nu jazz albums by Ward on his label 2020 Vision.

When Lawson needed a drummer for his band 20:20 Soundsystem, he didn’t have to look far as Ward had already played for groups like Chapter And The Verse, Gilad Atzmon, Jim Mullen, Rae & Christian, AIM, and The Pharcyde.

As Ward got deeper into house music, he created Moodymanc as an outlet for his deep and soulful house productions, and it is this alias that may make Ward a star of the dance music world yet...

Friday, 23 April 2010

TB/R and Wax:On present: Matt Walsh HONEY COMB EP Release Party 23.04.10

Matt Walsh unveils his new EP this Friday at T B/R with awesome support from some very special friends...

Matt Walsh & Friends 9-12

People Get Real 11-1:30
Sei A live 1:30-2:30
Harvard Bass 2:30-4
Matt Walsh 4-6

Remember its free before 11pm!

Check out the title track below, and then a gaggle of cracking remixes below that:

1. Honey Comb (Camel Remix)
2. Honey Comb (People Get Real Remix)
3. Honey Comb (Monsieur Monsieur and Filip Dean Remix) (Digital Bonus)

Matt Walsh - Honey Comb (160 kps) by mattwalsh

Matt Walsh - Honey Comb EP remixes preview (WAX:ON Music) by mattwalsh

Finally, enjoy yet another Matt Walsh voyage; this one from January. Tracklist right at the bottom.

Matt Walsh Jan 2010 Mix by mattwalsh

Tiga - Tiga - Sex O' Clock (Playgroup Mix) edit
Maetrik - Fabrick
Remote - 236 def
Matt Walsh - Honey Comb (Mike Mind Remix)
Speedy J - Klave
Mihalis Safras - Gasoline
Style Of Eye - Koka Cheva
Electric Rescue - London 89'
Jaochim Pastor - Diform
Daniel Steinberg - Es La Vida (Format:B Remix)
Deepchild - Backroom
Mike Mind - Resonate (Kebacid Mix)
The XX - VCR (It's a Fine Line Version)

Rave Aid Photos

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal

MC Guru, whose real name was Keith Elam, of Gangstarr fame - releasing 6 super influencial albums between 1989 and 2003 - has died aged 43.

Elam suffered a cardiac arrest in February after surgery to treat his cancer and briefly lapsed into a coma. He died on Monday morning.

A statement released by his PR company contained a letter written by Guru in his final days:

"I have suffered with this illness for over a year," he wrote. "I have exhausted all medical options."

"I write this with tears in my eyes, not of sorrow but of joy for what a wonderful life I have enjoyed and how many great people I have had the pleasure of meeting."

Bow your heads. A legend has left the building.

This THURSDAY TB/SS bangs out a tribute set to Guru from 10-11pm, followed by the as listed Culture Shock and Friends event.

For more info check out the FACEBOOK EVENT

Sunday, 18 April 2010

A FREE BANGER!! Mark Farina - TONIGHT 18.04.10

Mark Farina - 'Percussion Mix' by Elite Music Management

Shortly after Mark befriended Derrick Carter in 1988 at a record store in Chicago, his passion for House music, and sharing it with the world, exploded.

Mark experimented with a deeper style, dropping De La Soul, disco classics and other stuff that wasn’t being played in the main rooms of nightclubs. While exploring his love for the purist forms of House Music, Mark developed his trademark style: Mushroom Jazz; acid jazz infused with the West Coast’s jazzy, organic productions along with urban beats.

Fans embraced Mark’s downtempo style so much that he started a weekly Mushroom Jazz club night in San Francisco with Patty Ryan. In 3 short years, the club established a fanatical, cult-like following for Farina and the Mushroom Jazz sound. When the doors closed, Farina continued the tradition by releasing a series of Cds, “Mushroom Jazz”.

Since then, Mark has been traveling the globe performing 100s of shows, to over one million club goers, a year. His House sets take fans on journeys to the jazzy side of Chicago House mixed San Fran style. Some of these sets have been known to last up to 8 hours. And sometimes you’ll find Mark playing in two different rooms at the same party, showcasing his range of rocking the big room sound to the uber-chill.

Farina’s taste making skills continue to turn the heads of crowds worldwide and consistently draw new fans to his style of chunky–funky rhythms and deep underground house. URB, MUZIK and BPM Magazines have all had him on their Top DJ’s In The World lists.

The different faces of Farina appear on the various CDs released on OM Records. Mushroom Jazz series showcases a hip-hop, sub-groove, jazzy, dubby and downtempo vibe. Seasons, a critically acclaimed House mix.

Mark has been voted as one of the top DJ's in the world by URB, MUZIK and BPM Magazines.

Tonight's Line-up:

Brian Monaco (Kitchen Party)
Dan Beaumont (Disco Bloodbath)
Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom Records), Inxec (Get Physical) & Cesar Merveille (Cadenza) - B2B!!
Benedict Bull (Skull Juice)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Jimmy Edgar TONIGHT 16.04.10

JIMMY EDGAR, Warp's multifaceted creative prodigy, was discovered in the depths of Detroit's electronic scene.

Jimmy's insane programming skills and ultra-melodic synth touches have been displayed in his previous two Warp EPs taking things to another level.

Combining dark, sexy R&B with his signature lascivious sound, he has created a collection of razor sharp electro pop tunes made to grind to. This is one sweaty, sultry sounding dude...

Check out his MYSPACE for some big deep monsters of tracks, and hit that big orange PLAY button below for a lovely Seth Troxler remix of Jimmy Edgar's 'Funktion'.

Funktion - Seth Troxler Remix - Jimmy Edgar by U B E R SoundCloud

Tonight also doubles as the release party for his deep and sexy tune 'B THERE', released on label GLASSTABLE.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


This Thursday the 15th of April TB/R brings you something with more than a bit of goodness...

Simian Mobile Disco are headlining the night in aid of Mission Malawi's charity efforts with Action Aid.

All proceeds from Rave Aid will go towards Mission Malawi's work to raise money for HIV & AIDS prevention and awareness projects run by Action Aid in Malawi.

T Bar co-founder and Managing Director Jaime Ritchie will be taking part in a 2-week cycle ride across the country (AND Mozambique AND Zimbabwe) like a flippin' hero; so the least you can do is come down and get horrendously sweaty to the SMD boys tearing the roof off!!

Matt Walsh, Ben Westbeech, Luca C and Ben Rymer all join in the party too.

9pm-6am with entry costing £10.

Grab the Simian Mobile Disco Radio One Essential Mix HERE - Tracklist below...

01. Kraftwerk — Franz Schubert
02. Subway — Xam
03. Kikumoto Allstars — Dco
04. Levon Vincent — Late Night Jam
05. Simian Mobile Disco — Cruel Intentions (feat. Beth Ditto) (Space Cave Mix)
06. Unknown Artist — Get The Curse
07. Oliver Huntemann — Shanghai Spinner (Joey Beltram Remix)
08. Armando — Don’t Take It (feat. Sharvette)
09. Slam — Room 2
10. Denis Naidanow — Wonderland (feat. Tyree)
11. Oliver Huntemann — Trummerfeld
12. Simian Mobile Disco — Are You In The Picture?
13. On/Off — Cirez D
14. Dusty Kid — Train # 1
15. Raymond Scott — Cindy Electronium Pt. 1
16. Rogue Cat — Magic Journey (Todd Terje Remix)
17. Cassius — Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes (Radio Slave Mix)
18. Dustin Zahn — Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Mix)
19. Blake Baxter & Abe Duque — Let’s Take It Back (Joey Beltram Remix)
20. SMD Delicatessen — Aspic
21. Raymond Scott — Cindy Electronium Pt. 2
22. Ramadanman — Revenue (Untold Remix)
23. Paul Woolford — Pandemonium
24. Psycatron — Deeper Shades Of Black
25. Alex Costa — Evergreen
26. Skream — 2 D
26. Dexter — Unknown Title
27. Zomby — Strange Fruit
28. Deepgroove — Spike
29. Adam Beyer — Something Good To Die For
30. Caramel — Cluster
31. L-Vis 1990 — The Bird
32. MJ Cole — Sincere (Mumdance Mix)
33. Crookers Feat Miike Snow — Remedy

And while you wait for this MEGA mixtape to download, here's a bit of Matt Walsh to keep you occupied...

Matt Walsh - Honey Comb (160 kps) by mattwalsh

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Justin Martin THIS Friday...

Justin Martin is not a mixed race child actor from Atlanta, Georgia...

He is in fact a musical genius residing in San Francisco, CA.

For proof simply hit the PLAY button below.

Experience first hand his Dirtybird maestrocity THIS FRIDAY at TB/R.

(I am so excited I invented a new word...)

Justin Martin - Motherbird Proton Mix 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Better than any chocolate egg you got this Easter... TB/R and Lovebox serve up Beat The Box; with a divine line-up including:

Zombie Disco Squad
Faze Action
Ross Allen
Hot Blood DJs

Get that ZDS mix on LOUD and get yourself hyped for tonight @ TB/R!!

PS. No worries about your resurrection tomorrow - NO WORK TIL TUESDAY!

Friday, 2 April 2010