Monday, 27 April 2009

May programme

Thurs May 7th - 9pm-3am
Opening party with Michael Mayer & Jamie Jones
Fri May 8th - 9pm - 4am
Baise Main with Danton Eeprom & Clement Mayer
Sat May 9th - 9pm -4am
Phonica with Cosmo, Simon Rigg & The Vangelis
Sun May 10th - 6pm - 2am
Dig Your Own Rave with Rob Mello, Luke Solomon, Jonny Rock & Dave Congreve

Thurs May 14th - 7pm - 3am
Darling Dept 10th Anniversary
Fri May 15th - 9pm - 4am
High Horse with Tim Green [Dirtybird] & Casper C
Sat May 16th - 9pm -4am
Junior Boys DJ Set, Gower Ramsey & David Beiger
Sun May 17th - 6pm - 2am
Dig Your Own Rave with Lee Curtiss, Jonny Rock & Dave Congreve

Thurs May 21st - 9pm - 3am
Dissident.London with Andy Blake & Neville Watson
Fri May 22nd - 9pm - 4am
High Horse with In Flagranti, Alex Egan (Skull Juice)& NikNikNik
Sat May 23rd - 9pm - 4am
Jay Haze & Anthea [Phonica]
Sun May 24th - 12pm - 2am
Dig Your Own Rave pres 'Bring Your Own Balloon' Bank Hoilday Special
Line up released on the day

Thurs May 28th - 9pm - 3am
Regular/Irregular pres The Maze with Giles Smith / Music: Nikos / Creative Direction Jojo Provatidou
Fri May 29th - 9pm - 4am
High Horse Pres Turbo, Noob, Clouded Vision, Alex Jones & Matt Walsh
Sat May 30th - 9pm - 4am
Sebastien Bouchet (Live), Matthew Styles & FB Julian
Sun May 31st - 6pm - 2am
Dig Your Own Rave with Rob Mello, Jonny Rock & special guest

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Friday, 24 April 2009


Kubicle at T Bar - Monthly Sundays from 7th June 10am to 6pm

Liz & Sonia (Kubicle girls) "We are delighted to be involved in this new T Bar project. Moving to a bigger space means that musically we can actually program and book DJs in advance rather than our usual "who is in town" policy. This is a great step for us. We have so many fun ideas and quirky antics planned, and now have the space to make it happen. Its an amazing venue we can still keep that "Kubicle" intimate vibe and bring in other projects like our disco room. Now we have great sound quality, a large outdoor area, and can offer a free party. We have got Sunday raving covered!"

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Swayzak (Brun)

"I first heard about T Bar as Michael Mayer was raving about it! Since then I’ve always had a great time specifically enjoyed playing Bauhaus to a crowd of saturday night ravers, and seeing Theo Parrish play on a thursday night. I feel its important to keep supporting London and its music culture when so many others have absconded to Berlin. T Bar is probably the coolest free party place in London and I look forward to this new venture"

into new corners...


Regularirregular is our newly launched team that promises to bring out - of - the - ordinary events to the nightlife of London. As lovers of the broad spectrum of creative arts; music, visual art, literature, fashion, architecture, film, we aim to provide a platform for interaction between people, sound, space and objects and foremost to dance and have fun. Evolving around 'irregular; concepts/themes, we desire to create what will become your 'regular' Thursday night destinations.

We welcome people of all creative disciplines to share ideas and become part of our exploration and most importantly we invite you to join our 'regularirregular' nights for untamed partying!

Regularirregular is ‘Nikos and Jojo’ aka 'Nikos καί Jojo' with the former being a dj and an event organizer for more than a decade and the latter being a designer, pianist and singer, who over the years has successfully infiltrated in the worlds of fashion and creative arts. On this project, it is our great pleasure to work with passionate and highly creative people, who will demonstrate their work in a regularirregular way. There will be a regular team working with us and throughout time more irregular innovative people will be called in to active roles.

Thursday 28th May - Regularirregular presents The Maze
Nikos & Giles Smith (djs)
OS7879 & Iro Tsavala (installation)

As promised, Regularirregular is here, ready to become your regular Thursday night destination. Our events will be hosted on a bimonthly basis (for the summer period), on the last Thursday of every other month at London’s favorite Tbar. The opening event is titled ‘The Maze' and it will be a night of audio-visual content. Regularirregular are proud to host an array of skillful artists to lead you in the maze.

will be in charge of the music. He will be accompanied by one of London's finest dj/musician/promoter/urban figure, Giles Smith of secretsundaze & Dessous fame. They will lead your steps whilst being stunned by the skillfully crafted visual installation of OS7879 and Iro Tsavala. Iro is an artist working across a range of mediums. Her main tools are drawing and the moving image, which she uses in different ways to deal with projects in original and often unexpected ways. OS7879 is an artistic group committed to producing site-specific work across a range of media. Together, they aim to explore and celebrate space and place using architecture, image and sound. They work on site-responsive, interdisciplinary pieces, exploring diverse contexts and spaces, to create new forms of cultural experience.

Regularirregular invite you to join our opening night and become part of our audio visual exploration at the newly launched space of Tbar, London.

behind closed doors...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

the new face of T...

Swayzak presents Serieculture

Announcing a genre busting evening beginning with London’s first vinyl auction night. Swayzak and salubrious guests will bring down some fine vintage (and not so vintage) cuts to sell to the highest bidder, followed by a range of deep dark and moody house, brooding techno, italo disco, noisecore, spoken word, dubstep and general electronica madness to make up a Sericulture night. The auction is for vinyl only and only vinyl shall be played! So leave yer laptops at home......

Thursday 25th June
Line up: Swayzak / Brun / Onlymatt / special guests

Monday, 20 April 2009

Opening Night Announcement

Announcing the official opening party of London's new home for T Bar.

On Thursday 7th May two of the key figures of the current electronic music scene, Cologne's Michael Mayer and London's Jamie Jones, will join us to celebrate the unveiling of the new space T has made its home. These two artists that have been a special part of the history of T Bar will be throwing the doors open to the public to share the start of a new future.

9pm – 3am

Saturday, 18 April 2009

High Horse

Four London disc-jockeys, Matt Walsh, Casper C and the Skull Juice boys, woke up in a spontaneous cold sweat one night. Sure, they were regularly playing at some of their favourite nights, from Bugged Out to Blogger's Delight, Durrr to Trailer Trash, Wax On, Wet Yourself and all over Europe. But it was time for these young men to find the time and the place for those 'deeper', 'darker' records that all four had been fanatically collecting and compiling for years. It was time for them to mount their High Horse.

From cult beginnings, on a monthly thursday at the legendary T Bar, High Horse has grown into a weekly Friday fixture at the newly relaunched T, just down the road in Houndsditch. The aim of the residency is to assimilate the four disparate flavours that the residents bring, in at attempt to present a broad spectrum of discerning dance music. Guests confirmed so far include the maverick genius of Optimo's JD Twitch, the sophisticated low-end sounds of Dirtybird's Tim Green and Riva Starr, a rare live appearance from deep-house dons Arto Mwambe and a regular showcase from label of the moment, Turbo.

Dance music is going through a transitional purple patch right now, with all manner of new sounds occurring between the cornerstones of disco, house and techno. High Horse is the night which aims to celebrate the new while harking back to the classic. Hop on!

Don't miss the exclusive podcast series on
Weekly Fridays 9pm – 3am

work in progress

Friday, 17 April 2009

Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels / Freak n Chic/ Various)

"I have so many great memories from the old t bar, from the madness of the monday Stink parties, to some amazing Dig Your Own Raves on sundays. It was the place to see my best friends such as Derren and have a giggle, so I can't wait to reignite that in a totally fresh surrounding."

Dissident presents Chicago Style - the first in a series of monthly parties celebrating the music that inspires the label.

Thursday May 21st at T Bar:
Dissident artists Andy Blake and Neville Watson in a 6 hour DJ and drum machine session.

It's fair to say that Dissident is hugely influenced by the Chicago house scene of the early 80s, when Ron Hardy was playing all night sets of early skeletal house grooves, warped acid tracks, thumping US disco 12s, weird euro pop and italo disco (including a particular thing he seemed to have for very strange european rap records) and when WBMX and the Hot Mix 5 ruled the airwaves and Alexander Robotnick's ‘Problems d'amour’ was a daytime radio smash. This period in the history of chicago house was a golden era for dance music that has massively influenced everything that has followed it.

Andy and Neville are both massive fans of this wide-ranging early house sound and have the record collections to prove it. As well as wheeling out a ton of original vinyl for this night they will be bringing their beloved Roland tr808 and tr707 drum machines to add to the groove. These two machines form the backbone of the early house sound and it’s only right and proper that they take centre stage in the night's proceedings.

While this night is most certainly a tribute to the warped genius of Ron Hardy and the early Chicago house scene in general, the music will not be any kind of static retro museum piece. As well as loads of music from the era including many amazing pieces of music that are all but lost and unknown these days) there will be plenty of aptly chosen later music including some bang up to date releases and maybe even some unreleased exclusives from Andy & Neville's current solo and joint projects.

As with all Dissident productions, only original vinyl will be played on the night to ensure optimum sound quality and this time the records will be joined by the majestic sound of analogue drum machines booming out from a huge Funktion one sound system.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Casper (High Horse)

"For me, the T Bar always represented the ultimate techno palace. I love the idea of an eternally free venue with a strong musical identity, with everybody sitting, dancing, drinking and socialising on the same level. It was a pure dancefloor democracy. Getting the opportunity to play regularly at T, the name High Horse immediately came to mind, as it represented an opportunity for 4 young DJs to play the deeper, housier, techier and less obvious records that don't always work in lesser venues. Now that we're going weekly in the new venue, we'll truly be able to paint a picture of the music we love for a crowd that should truly appreciate it. Here's to Houndsditch!"

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Jonny Rock (The Freaks / Dig Your Own Rave)

"T Bar redefined sundays for me. A place to play your favorite music with favorite friends, to a diverse yet open minded crowd... I can't wait for it to re-unite, from the sound system to the management. Its place of hang out to the teeeeeee"

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Simon (Phonica Records)

“The best thing about T-Bar in its old home was the atmosphere. People were always up for a party whether it was a Saturday night or a Sunday afternoon, no one would be afraid to start dancing and enjoy the music.... My memory of T Bar (the one I can remember) was New years Eve 2007/8 with Ewan, Heidi & hector, it's a bit of a blur but I just remember a classic night with "God made me Phunky" standing out....”

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Craig Richards (Fabric London)

"For me the original T bar was an utter inspiration - decent sound, free entry. soft furnishings and a wonderful host. I played at one
of the first nights and from this moment on I was shown great hospitality . It was an easy place to be and an easy place to play records, my friends were made welcome, my good behaviour was celebrated and my bad behaviour suffered and at times ignored. I
rolled around on the floor, touched the ceiling, danced till dawn and cuddled other humans. I intend to do the same in the new premises."

Monday, 6 April 2009

Tirk Records (Matty J)

"Weatherall and Ivan on a Thursday... Waiting for the Bugged Out! Birthday afters to start, sat on a door step... That late night Monday, Stink feeling... The Fabric carry on's. All the best things... great DJs, proper sound, loft type space, lights down low. It felt like a den...

You could tell walking into the new space that something exciting is going to happen there. It had the T Bar vibe perfectly. Always great to see London clubland evolving after recent closures. And rather than running East away from the city, running right into the heart of it. Good luck to Derren and all involved, we are very pleased to be onboard.”

Tirk Records will host bi-monthly Thursday parties at T Bar featuring their family of artists.

Matt Walsh (High Horse)

“T Bar pretty much started my DJ career in the capital... I used to run a night on Wednesdays and was then asked to play on a one off Monday night with Tiga for Bugged Out! It was one of the busiest nights the bar had ever had, with a queue right down Shoreditch High Street. It was a great night for me and because of it I am now a resident for Tiga's label, Bugged Out, and have been producing records for Turbo and DJing across the world with them."