Friday, 4 June 2010

SNATCH! Records LAUNCH PARTY!! 04.05.10

After launching his musical career producing electro house with wobbly bass before swiftly moving onto his own breed of full on tribal tech-house not unlike the sounds of Worthy's Anabatic label or San Francisco's Dirtybird, the now London-based Riva Starr has come round with influences from world music to more techno sounds. The inspirations for his album have allowed him to experiment more and unsatisfied with just stopping there, he has launched his own label Snatch! releasing the likes of France's experimental jazz tech piece dOP, Berlin's Thomas Schumacher, Donk Boys, David Keno, and Santos. Dazed catch up with the Starr before he plays at the Snatch! launch party at T Bar this Friday...

How do you pick your artists?

If the track is good and I play it out and the people go nuts then it’s the right one for Snatch! Again you won’t find just one style released on my label... Everything good can find a seat on the Snatch! train... Obviously I m the boss and the main requirement is that I like the track!

Why the name?

Erm I like the sound.. And I'm a big fun of Guy Ritchie... plus it defines the approach of the label. Open to influences and ready to reinvent sounds and ideas

Is there something in common that runs through all your signings or a sound you're looking for?

Well, sound quality is important... And good arrangements ideas.... funk, freshness, creativity... Mad mood... Surprised faces on the dancefloor while you are playing a Snatch! tune are priceless.

Why T Bar for your launch party?

Because it’s one of my fave London venues... Had such a big fun last time I played there.. Soundsystem is massive and the crowd is open minded!

What were the inspirations that went into your album?

Basically I wanted to produce a club album putting in it all the kind of stuff that I like playing in the club... I listen to a lot of different kind of music.. And you can definitely hear it on my cd... I really love world music and jazz, big deep bass and crazy samples!

What can we expect from Snatch! next

Just slamming tunes! Forthcoming stuff and remixes from Pirupa, Ramon Tapia, Tapesh, Steve Mac, dOP, Thomas Schumacher, Santos, LouLou Players, Remerc and so on...!

This summer, it looks like Riva Starr [a] is going to need to find a new beverage. His debut album, ‘If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade’, has created so much buzz around the Neapolitan producer that, it’s safe to say, not many lemons are coming his way these days. Can you wring something thirst-quenching out of hit records?

Then again, with a batch of records like those he’s chosen for his Weekend Weapons, Riva Starr’s sets are guaranteed to flow like manna from heaven. With his new label Snatch! picking up steam, he was kind enough to share some mixology tips with us:


This Friday 4th June - Snatch! Launch party at T Bar with Snatch! signings Riva Starr (Made to Play), David Keno (Kindisch), and Pirupa (Cecille)