Sunday, 2 May 2010

Groove Armada bringing some Bank Holiday LOVE(BOX)!!

No work tomorrow. Brilliant. This means we can all get mental with:


Having met in the early 90's, not long after they'd started discussing music Tom and Andy were promoting their first London club night together.

Called 'Captain Sensual at the Helm of Groove Armada' it took place at the Gardening Club 2, Covent Garden, getting off to a shaky start.

However it was this night in 1995 which led to a series of parties, a band and eventually a festival. All of these grew from strength to strength and continue to thrive in their individual rights to this day.

Groove Armada - Shameless feat. Bryan Ferry by Dubmission


Both seasoned musicians before they met, it didn’t take much before their respective backgrounds as live performers combined with the energy of Berlin to spawn an electronic music group with an unprecedented take on the creative process.

After working alongside one another at a label, the two began producing and experimenting in their own free time, playing over ten live gigs before their first record release.

This musical world-view—that production and live performance have a symbiotic relationship—has guided Exercise One on their journey from underground sensation to heavy-weights in the Berlin electronic music scene, with their evolution as artists going hand-in-hand with their development a live act.

Exercise One by Mobilee records


Crimes (Luke Solomon Vocal) (Eqd)02 - LDOE by lukesolomon

Also with MOUJ and HOT BLOOD

GOLLY GOSH. Another roadblock TB/R!!??

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