Saturday, 18 April 2009

High Horse

Four London disc-jockeys, Matt Walsh, Casper C and the Skull Juice boys, woke up in a spontaneous cold sweat one night. Sure, they were regularly playing at some of their favourite nights, from Bugged Out to Blogger's Delight, Durrr to Trailer Trash, Wax On, Wet Yourself and all over Europe. But it was time for these young men to find the time and the place for those 'deeper', 'darker' records that all four had been fanatically collecting and compiling for years. It was time for them to mount their High Horse.

From cult beginnings, on a monthly thursday at the legendary T Bar, High Horse has grown into a weekly Friday fixture at the newly relaunched T, just down the road in Houndsditch. The aim of the residency is to assimilate the four disparate flavours that the residents bring, in at attempt to present a broad spectrum of discerning dance music. Guests confirmed so far include the maverick genius of Optimo's JD Twitch, the sophisticated low-end sounds of Dirtybird's Tim Green and Riva Starr, a rare live appearance from deep-house dons Arto Mwambe and a regular showcase from label of the moment, Turbo.

Dance music is going through a transitional purple patch right now, with all manner of new sounds occurring between the cornerstones of disco, house and techno. High Horse is the night which aims to celebrate the new while harking back to the classic. Hop on!

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