Friday, 17 April 2009

Dissident presents Chicago Style - the first in a series of monthly parties celebrating the music that inspires the label.

Thursday May 21st at T Bar:
Dissident artists Andy Blake and Neville Watson in a 6 hour DJ and drum machine session.

It's fair to say that Dissident is hugely influenced by the Chicago house scene of the early 80s, when Ron Hardy was playing all night sets of early skeletal house grooves, warped acid tracks, thumping US disco 12s, weird euro pop and italo disco (including a particular thing he seemed to have for very strange european rap records) and when WBMX and the Hot Mix 5 ruled the airwaves and Alexander Robotnick's ‘Problems d'amour’ was a daytime radio smash. This period in the history of chicago house was a golden era for dance music that has massively influenced everything that has followed it.

Andy and Neville are both massive fans of this wide-ranging early house sound and have the record collections to prove it. As well as wheeling out a ton of original vinyl for this night they will be bringing their beloved Roland tr808 and tr707 drum machines to add to the groove. These two machines form the backbone of the early house sound and it’s only right and proper that they take centre stage in the night's proceedings.

While this night is most certainly a tribute to the warped genius of Ron Hardy and the early Chicago house scene in general, the music will not be any kind of static retro museum piece. As well as loads of music from the era including many amazing pieces of music that are all but lost and unknown these days) there will be plenty of aptly chosen later music including some bang up to date releases and maybe even some unreleased exclusives from Andy & Neville's current solo and joint projects.

As with all Dissident productions, only original vinyl will be played on the night to ensure optimum sound quality and this time the records will be joined by the majestic sound of analogue drum machines booming out from a huge Funktion one sound system.

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