Saturday, 24 April 2010



2020Soundsystem was started as a new way of playing mixing live instruments with electronics by Ralph Lawson, original DJ at the legendary Back To Basics club in Leeds, and Danny 'dubble d' Ward.

Tired of a jaded club scene they sought a different way to entertain and excite. By weaving live instruments into Lawsons DJ set, they transformed the clubbing experience into something new by giving the best of both worlds: the continuity and diversity of a DJ mix with the raw energy and excitement of seeing a live band.


Manchester’s Danny Ward loves drums. It’s more of an obsession really. He can talk for hours about legendary jazz drummers like Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones, and Billy Higgins, even though he has never seen any of them play live.

In the early 90s when every club kid pined to be a DJ, Ward played percussion at club nights such as Back To Basics in Leeds, where he showed that live drums from creative hands could actually improve a DJ’s groove.

It was in Leeds that he first met DJ Ralph Lawson, who released two nu jazz albums by Ward on his label 2020 Vision.

When Lawson needed a drummer for his band 20:20 Soundsystem, he didn’t have to look far as Ward had already played for groups like Chapter And The Verse, Gilad Atzmon, Jim Mullen, Rae & Christian, AIM, and The Pharcyde.

As Ward got deeper into house music, he created Moodymanc as an outlet for his deep and soulful house productions, and it is this alias that may make Ward a star of the dance music world yet...

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