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April 30th: SWAG + PEOPLE'S POPULAR FRONT Present...



Bill Brewster is a music journalist, DJ, promoter and bon viveur.

Along with his partner Frank Broughton, Bill runs Low Life, the legendary underground warehouse party now in its 15th year.

Bill and Frank have also written three books, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, How To DJ (Properly) (or How To DJ (Right) if you're a funny foreigner) and a third one he doesn't like to talk about.

He DJs all over the UK and Europe, with occasional forays into the USA and Lapland...

The Blank Generation Radio Mix by billbrewster


"I’m 37, male, and live in Sheffield in the north of England (once famous for Steel and Electronic Pop). I now play other people’s records for a living, and make a few of my own. Once upon a time I studied English, with a view to becoming a teacher. I also studied – at great length – LSD, music and the art of the compilation tape (not necessarily at the same time). Eventually, music and LSD convinced me teaching was for elderly men, with beards, and an unusual passion for corduroy."


SUNDAY LUNCH@B&B VOL2 by Chris Duckenfield


Welcome To The Pleasuredome ( Timo Garcia & Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero

Robert Owens - 'Bring Down The Walls' ( Leo Zero Re-Edit ) by Leo Zero

And this just in from Leo Zero HQ... Hit the ↓ for direct download:

One Way feat. Al Hudson - 'Music' ( Leo Zero Re-edit ) by Leo Zero

What a gent.


Riotous Rockers formed after a chance meeting on the dance floor of Fabric Room One in the summer of 2003. Unbeknown to Pete and Boggy they would both meet again in their home town of Nottingham a few months later to discover they shared a mutual love of all things Electro, Pop, Disco, and Rave.

The DJ partnership was truly formed when they were given the chance to play at Nottingham's most hedonistic night, Liars Club.

Mixing up as many styles as they could lay their hands on, they complimented promoter Ricky Haleys inspired bookings (which over the years has seen the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Scissors Sisters, Bloc Party and The Klaxons play long before they became household names).

Riotous Rockers soon became a regular fixture at the club.

Word of these explosive DJ sets travelled fast, and the Rockers found regular guest slots at the cream of U.K club land, playing regularly for people like: Bugged Out, Fabric, Stealth, Together, Chibuku & Wax:On.

Work took the pair further a field, throughout Europe and beyond, playing in; Ibiza, New York, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.

T B/R welcomes the Rockers, who play upstairs on the 30th.

Riotous Rockers April 2010 mix by riotousrockers

1.Baby (Rodion Remix) - Phenomenal Handclap Band (Gomma)
2.Persian Rub - Psychemagick (History Clock)
3.Sat Jam (Eddie C Remix) - Sean Brosnan (NeedWant)
4.Long Gone (Prins Thomas Edit) - D.I.T (Past Due)
5.Overture (B.C Edit) - DC la Rue (White)
6.Say my Name - Holy GHost (Kitsune)
7.Esta Si Esta No -(Inflagranti Instrumental Remix) - The Glimmers (Diskomo)
8.Highway 1 - Toby Tobias (Under the Shade / Jisco Music)
9.Samasavel (Alden Tyrrell remix) - Putsch 79 (Clone)
10.Feels So Good - Juan Maclean (K7)
11.More Fun - Snuff Crew (Gigolo)
12.Motorcycles (Neville Watson Remix) - Tiago (Hands of time)
13.Feel (Dub) - Mike Monday (Get Digital)
14.Freak on - Lee Curtiss (Get Physical)
15.Winter Count - Ettiem (I'm a cliche)
16.Overtime (Brodinski Remix) - Tiga (Turbo)
17.Symphonia (Claude Von Stroke Remix) - James Braun
18.Biscayne - Shadow Dancer (BNR)
19.Buffer Ruffer - Bookashade (Get Physical)
20.Lemonade (Deadstock 33 remix) - Erol Alkan and Boys Noize (CDR)
21.Earth Quake - Hard Ton (Permanent Vacation)


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